The Whale's Tale

We’re Off! – The Whale’s Tale 26 May

Sharon and Peter debuted their new show on Thursday at Mr Rook’s, closing the season there but starting the festival off with a splash from the tail of a very large whale.

The evening opened with an Anansi story from Openstorytellers – the only group for learning disabled storytellers in Europe and one of our Partner Organisation for the Festival. You can find out more about them on this page. They have been loyal regulars at Mr Rook’s since the club opened but this is the first time they have told there  and they did a great job. We heard about Anansi the Spider and the tug of war between Elephant and Whale, a classic tale about the trickster arachnid from the African and Caribbean traditions. They told the story with great energy and clearly had fun with the humour. Mr Rook’s hopes to be able to offer more such opportunities for regulars in the next season, to give local tellers a chance to perform in front of an audience.

Then it was on to the World Premiere of The Whale’s Tale from Sharon and Peter. The stage looked lovely with a handmade banner and lots of instruments and noise-makers of all kinds. The frame story told of a whale who leaves the sea and climbs a mountain to meet a mysterious being who, according to rumour, is the biggest creatures in the world. In the process of finding out if the rumour is true, they tell each other stories from different traditions and really, really annoy a monk. The stories told by a being from the sea and a being from the land showed the relationship between the two worlds as people try to survive on the water, and sea creatures visit the shore with comic, romantic or tragic results.  A lovely, gently humorous story interspersed with music and song.


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