Ilminster Literary Festival, Schools Performances

Sharon Jacksties, Visiting Story Teller

Tuesday 7 June

Summerlands Storytelling Festival Director Sharon Jacksties will be visiting schools in Ilminster in a partnership with Ilminster Literary Festival.

In its first year, the Ilminster Literary Festival was set up to offer the local people of all ages in Ilminster and the surrounding areas the opportunity to meet a variety of authors, editors, and script writers through discussion, talks and meetings, all at affordable prices. It will run from 1 to 9 June in a variety of locations in Ilminster and surrounding villages. Summerlands Storytelling Festival is delighted to be supporting this new event and hopes to be able to collaborate again in future years.

‘It seems too obvious a thing to say that storytelling is essential for developing young people’s ability for listening, speaking, remembering and interpreting a sequence of events meaningfully. Particularly when I am telling to young audiences, some of whom might still be learning or struggling with reading, I think of how oracy used to be humanity’s only form of literature. The development of writing, vital as it is to cultures today, did not entirely subsume the power and necessity for the spoken word. Now young people are at the forefront of new communication technologies. Amidst the wonders of social media and IT’s unprecedented speed of development, live storytelling is as essential as ever to champion the irreplaceable directness and intimacy of face to face communication.’

Sharon Jacksties.

Sharon is a professional Storyteller, well known for her eclectic repertoire. Working with both young and adult audiences, she performs and teaches storytelling in Europe, and in India, where she collects stories which have not previously been heard in the UK. Her recent publication of Somerset Folk Tales by The History Press explores her developing interest in the relationship between landscape and story. She is working on a sequel of ghostly tales, whilst organising the Summerlands Storytelling Festival.

Sharon’s Facebook page.
More information on Somerset Folk Tales can be found at the The History Press website.

Sharon Jacksties, Visiting Storyeller
Greenfylde Primary School, and Swanmead School, Ilminster
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