Sidmouth StoryNight for Grown-ups: The Dawn of Music by Jem Dick

Friday 23 September 7.30pm

Once all music was sacred. Let’s go back to the beginning and remember.

How and why did we start making music? What stories do we tell about it? What did the first music sound like?

All will be revealed in Jem’s fascinating performance which includes his hand-crafted reproductions of ancient and prehistoric instruments from around the world.

In this combination of story and music, Jem weaves some of the earliest creation myths we have with music from his handcrafted musical instruments, replicas and reconstructions of finds from prehistoric sites.  Archaeologists now believe that music may have preceded the development of language in and was closely related to the earliest rituals and religious beliefs including shamanic practice. In many traditions storytelling has also long been linked to music right to the present time from the troubadours of medieval times to the bards of Wales and griots in contemporary West Africa. Jem’s performance takes us back to those beginnings of humankind by exploring our first and continuing relationship with music.

As well as being a storyteller and musician, Jem is a craftsmen and he has created the instruments he will use in the performance himself. Amongst the instruments he will be playing is a flute made from a swan-wing bone based on an original 8,000 years old and another based on a deer-bone original dated at 35,000 years old.

Brought to you by Spoken Word of SidMouth. Moving from the Surrey Hills , and leaving behind two successful storytelling clubs, Janet Dowling now brings Storytelling for Adults to  Sidmouth with the aid of her trusty Story Crew who support the events. SidMouth StoryNights for GrownUps brings the best of British Storytellers to delight storytellers and storylisteners alike. The First Tuesday Story Cafe is an afternoon session on , um , the First Tuesday of the month and anyone  can tell a story ( max 10 mins, no reading aloud allowed) or just listen to the variety of traditional and personal stories. Ad hoc workshops are offered which give a full range of skills for beginners and improvers, and a coaching and practice storytelling group is in development. An exciting time! Find them on Facebook or on Meetup under Devon Storytellers for more information on their upcoming events.

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Cellar Bar, Kennaway House, Coburg Road, Sidmouth, Devon, EX10 8NG
Not suitable for under 14s
Bar available and there is good disabled access
7.30–10pm, Doors open 7.15pm
Tickets available in advance (£8) from Paragon Books, High Street, Sidmouth or online, also available on the door (£10).