Mr Rook’s Speak Easy Presents: Return to Lyonesse by Mike O’Connor and Barbara Griggs

Thursday 15 September 7.30pm

Kings and queens, saints, sinners and shape-shifters: their fate hangs in the balance…
Return to Lyonesse is a stunning performance piece from Mike O’Connor, accompanied by harper Barbara Griggs.
Return to Lyonesse is a mixture of powerful oral storytelling and achingly beautiful music and song.
Return to Lyonesse is a very exciting tale that reaches out and touches the heart. The name is well known, but the full story has never been told.
Return to Lyonesse, meticulously researched from medieval texts, tells of lands, once part of Brittany and Cornwall, now lost for ever beneath the waves: Lyonesse, Ys and Cantre’r Gwaelod. Mike has recreated the medieval tale and added Celtic music in a formula that has attracted sell-out audiences both locally and at literary and storytelling festivals.

Voices in the Storm:
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Mike O’Connor is a nationally-respected storyteller, with deep knowledge of Celtic legends and folk tales and mesmerising skill with language. His previous majorworks include Imravoe, Tristan and Iseult, Loki, Tales of the Holy Rood, and Of Gods and Men, the 2009 Festival at the Edge solo commission. A Bard of Gorsedh Kernow he has been honoured for research and performance of early Cornish music and is well-known for his song writing.


Barbara Griggs accompanies Mike on harp and has written much of the music in the show. Together their music is described as having ‘breathtaking beauty’ and as ‘balm for the soul.’ Her music is exquisitely dovetailed into the performance, and the subtle integration of words and music has won high praise. She also wears a dress specially created for the show, reflecting themes and motifs of the tale.

Hear the beginning of the show here and you can read more details on the website here.

Rook Lane Chapel, Bath Street, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1DN
Age 12+
Doors open 7pm, starts 7.30pm
Tickets £6/£4 in advance, £7/£5 on the door

Publicity photographs by John Coles