Dawlish Library: Devonshire Characters and Strange Events by Michael Dacre

Friday 8 July

Michael Dacre will tell a selection of stories from his book Devonshire Folk Tales published by The History Press, many of which he collected himself so they are not in any other anthology. Expect ghost stories, haunted roads, strange characters he’s come across and odd anecdotes of even odder people, some of whom actually existed!

About Devonshire Folk Tales:
This collection of traditional stories and tales, many of which are published for the first time, will delight lovers of Devonshire folklore. Some of the stories have been gleaned from residents of the county, whilst others have been developed by the author and have evolved through countless tellings. All the tales within represent this large and diverse county throughout its long and distinguished history, from the founding of Britain itself by Brute the Trojan at Totnes, to recent reports of haunted roads and phantom hairy hands. Also included are giants, devils, witches, ghosts, fairies, spectral black dogs and a wide range of other supernatural phenomena, all exemplifying the vigorous and earthy nature of the Devon imagination down through the ages. It is a book of wonders, to terrify and intrigue, and leads the reader around this beautiful and fascinating county.

Michael Dacre has been a professional storyteller specialising in traditional tales and legends from the West Country for over twenty years.

Dawlish Library, Lawn Terrace, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 9PY
Age 12+
Small entrance fee TBC