Mendip Story Circle

Thursday 2 June 8–10pm

Story Circles are the ‘grassroots’ of the storytelling world, where tellers gather informally to tell to each other, often, but not always, in a pub. They are the ideal place to start if you are interested in learning how to tell, but are also welcoming places to start out as a listener too. Several Story Circles have partnered with Summerlands Storytelling Festival to put on evening performances and workshops. We are also helping to organize ‘club swaps’ where members of one circle visit another, then vice versa. This gives tellers an opportunity to hear new voices and tales from further away, and to get practice telling to a new audience. It is how many tellers begin their move towards professional performance telling and we are delighted to be able to help facilitate these events.

The ancient art of storytelling in Somerset’s Mendip Hills. Everyone loves a good story. Folk tales, myths and legends, modern stories, jokes or riddles, there’s a wealth of material to draw from. Based in Somerset, The Mendip Storytelling Circle is hosted by local storytellers Martin Horler, Colin Emmett and Terence McCarthaigh.

They welcome both storytellers and listeners to come along and share a story or just to enjoy an evening’s entertainment as we bring story telling back to an adult audience. Everyone is invited to come along at 7.30pm for a chat before stories start at 8pm. The group meets monthly, on the 1st Thursday of the month. Plenty of variety is assured during an evening, with stories being no more than ten minutes each. Telling from memory is the general rule, it being so much more expressive than reading from a script.

This is one of the circles that do not meet in a pub so they can provide tea and coffee but if you would like a glass of something stronger with your tales you are welcome to bring your own.

Please note that there will be no meeting during July and August but they do organise special summer events so contact them to find out what they are up to.

A favourite with the Summerlands Directors, this is a lovely welcoming circle. They love to hear stories from any tradition so long as they are told (or sung) not read but if you want to hear a traditional Somerset story or two, this would be a very good bet.

Contact Colin Emmett on 01275 332735 for more information or use the contact form here.

Chewton Mendip Village Hall, Chewton Mendip, Somerset, BA3 4LL
Meet from 7.30pm, Stories 8–10pm
Entry free but contributions in the hat welcome